Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Buy Dinars!!

I got the chance to watch GEN Petraeus and AMB Crocker last night. The spotlight was on GEN Petraeus and the lethal fight, but I found myself fascinated by this proposal buried in AMB Crocker's remarks:

(yes, I'm too lazy to type it out)

Looks to me like a Marshall Plan light. An attempt to invest in Iraq's future. You know, with the 'Surge' (or Phantom Thunder/Strike) focusing bottom up on security (start small and stay there), the Iraqi electrical grid privatizing, the Anbari awakening and the ISE up 64%, I'm suddenly bullish on Iraq.

Next time someone asks you when we'll be bringing the 'trupes home,' hand them a juice box and tell them, gently, 'effectively never'.

Now, where can I get me some dinars?

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