Monday, November 27, 2006


So my wife and I are watching "Independence Day". She said, "ah, this is what Independence Day is about." I responded, yeah, "two hundred odd years ago, America threw off the oppression of an alien tyranny, by dumping a virus into their data stream."

Out of nowhere, she said: "If Americans be such cowards [as today] in Civil War, then there would be big problem."

To explain, my wife grew up behind the Iron Curtain. I grew up the son of former slaves. There's that interracial (Mars/Venus?) dynamic going on in our house. My wife has yet to drink the kool aid, leaving me to be the house hippie.

So I told her it was part of the American character. To argue. Even when you are right. You have to continue arguing.

Freedom is like a prostitute. Many enjoy her services, but when it comes to actually standing up to the pimp....well, I'll need to work that theory a bit.

In other news, via Glenn, I find ought that (see previous post) may be able to store more data than even the most advanced they Blu-Ray, X-Ray or Ray Ray. But data is binary. Data is data. Make the medium flexible. I'd rather do without the plastic junk I'll have to cut up, later.

Still Cool.

Paper rocks scissors. Looks fake, but wish (with elbows) it was true.
See, I'm not a fan of DVDs. They've become like the the cassettes of old. Monotainment. When it comes to DVDs/CDs I digitize them as fast as I can, get them onto a more flexible medium. The problem we have has a household is storage. We are medium poor. By my calculations, our house has just under a terabyte in storage.

We have to make choices.

By rangel in congress, I should have chosen another career.


Urusla Andres on a V.E.S.P.A.

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