Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cybil Warrble....

So I'm sitting in this [absolutely boring, technical, this part goes here, that widget does this] meeting, and M comments that on her deployment, and that they were fortunate to have a Farsi speaker in the ranks. Seems many of the prisoners in these DET Facilities were Iranian, and thought they could get away speaking Farsi, and all.

Then I thought about string.

O.K., not really. I thought about open source reporting about Sryian and Persian involvement in OIF Actual, OIF v2.3 and OIF v3.8, etc.

Man, there is something to admire in an enemy. Stick too-it-edness.

So I figured out the Thanksgiving Ham conudrum. Short version: black beans (two cans), cabbage, celery, onion (small), potatoes (red), a bit of cumin and some pepper. Render the meat on bone, chop it, add the other items and cook on low. Suddenly, the extravagance of a thirty dracma side of pork doesn't seem so extravagant. Ham soup for days.

The movie "Jarhead"? All the angst, none of the danger. Having a hard time relating to the whole thing...seems like a butch "Three Kings."

My new pet theory: the brother-in-law-hood of man.

Sometimes, it's no more noble than this:

And the rocking world goes on.....

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