Friday, December 1, 2006


Now in the great nor'west, that would be pretty exciting. Rumor has it, he tramps about the woods, here. Unfortunately, it was just a matter of proper name troubles (sort of like those pesky "pronoun" troubles). Turns out it was just a raccoon, moving along the back fence. She had trouble coming up with the English name "raccoon" and just blurted out "Sasquatch!1"

Two little glowing eyes, looking at us from the dark, as we look at it from the light.

Raccoons are pretty impressive. Tough hide. Claws. Speed. Ability to climb. Those teeth.

But they're small. I'd imagine if one was attacking me, they'd look bigger. But over distance, they're pretty small. Easily defeated.

And we have brains.

It's o.k. to fear. It's how we respond to fear, that determines who we are.

Today, I took off from work. My wife had to have a root canal. Her first time seeing an 'merkin dentist. Seems those dentist behind the iron curtain doubled as KGB interrogators.

She went through the root canal, and realized the experience wasn't so bad.

I never get upset when "politicians" seem to "break" their "promises". Maybe it's the spirit of the season. As we begin regifting, say around December 26th, is it unreasonable for politicians to start "re-promising" once the sceptre is seized?

Got Season Four of Enterprise on DVD. Looks promising. I was out of pocket for most of it's last season, and it's a show I really enjoyed. Optimism over adversity.

Life sucks, and then you strive....

Italian beauty:

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