Monday, December 11, 2006

Go silly, go long or go short....

So my wife just dropped her iBook on the floor. About a one, say, one and a half foot drop. My first thoughts were:


2. Why didn't THEY, make a more sturdy THING WE USE, and prevent accidents like this.

3. And after a quick interwebs unravelling revealed that the cost of a new LCD was about 300 dracma (US), I thought, "well, why don't THEY, have a way of universally insuring my family laptop habit?"

Well, her LCD screen wasn't cracked (on the computer, you pervs), so I got out a flat head screwdriver, popped the hinge back in place, and vuu-la, problem fixed.

Funny how that works.

In my webtoons (above...that's not advertising for "Head on") I never reference Islam. I do this on purpose. The corporation has taught me that any one can talk forever, and say nothing. It takes genius to say a few words and explain everything. I'm not a genius, but I play one on this blog. I never reference Islam because it's not about the current manifestation. It's about type. Islamists, a future Dolphin Liberation League? Different day, same dollar.

Did you know that wikipedia lists some 5,638 different types of socialism?

My shorthand describes the two competing philosophies of the day, well any day, as between the free and the slavers. Works for me. Keeps me from getting so deep in the weeds, that I miss the RPG.

My wife asked me about those Zale's Diamond commercials. "Why does everyone in this country want these diamonds so much? They're nice, but not the most important thing." Told her I did not know.

To me, diamonds are just oil you can't burn anymore.

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