Saturday, December 30, 2006

That was fast...

But to be expected. Video of the execution of Mr. Hussein has made it to the internet. The video was captured by cellphone.

So last night, while Mr. AC360 awaited the decisions of the panjandrums on high, and CBS declared it's hymen intact and halal, the information was making it's way from the execution chamber, bluetoothed or USBed to a computer, and uploaded to the innerwebs.

For whoever wants to see it.

It's on google video, likely make it's way to you tube, and then downloaded via something like Keep Vid , bluetoothed/USBed to another mobile player and shown.

Lousy age to be a gatekeeper.

Europeans, at least those I've met, refer to cell phones as handy's. They have that right (along with their intercity rail travel networks). Cell phones are handy. The can detonate an IED, record the execution of a dictator, call mom, and SMS that girl you just met.

Technology is neutral. Ultimately, it's not what you have, but rather what you do with what you have.

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