Friday, December 15, 2006

Cold (Olympus) Mons

So last night the windstorm came in and blew the lights out.

When we woke up this morning, no electricity, no Internet connection, no CNN, and in a totally self absorbed moment, I wondered, "is this how the Romans felt, as the Visigoths approached. Is this how civilizations fall, iBooks and iPods failing?" And inside, I cried a little.

O.K., maybe not.

But a couple of things right:

1. Hand crank radio and flashlights. Check.

2. Chemlights and candles. Check.

3. Food and water on hand. Check.


1. No generator. Looked around a few places, but, well, you know. One guy asked me, "how much are you willing to pay?" No thanks. Note to self: buy emergency equipment in non emergent times. Seems right.

2. Gas in the car. Minor issue, but I'll never disparage a full tank.

Fortunately, the lights came on a few minutes ago. Meat still good in the frig. Wife now warm.

Were we prepared? Sort of....but nothing wrong with being prepared for the long haul.

Sets, kits and outfits.

Heat up to 67 degrees, now.

Good test run.

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