Monday, December 18, 2006

The passive voice make me smarte...

Look, I love this construction: "It is overdetermined that most readers...."

What a sweet sentence. I'll use it in future teaching opportunities. Ahem. "Boss, it is overdetermined that the undernegotiation of the proximate negligent [enemy] requires inducement of further options."

Words are pretty.

BTW, the nut of his argument is: "constitution old, badly written." We need to rethink this, and develop some more words....:

"....that would give us a better Constitution."

Mark v 11.0. Truly European.

One would, perhaps, overdetermine that more proof, in support of the preceding supplication to reason, be, forsooth, forthcoming.

My run went well. Lamb with merlot does cap off a good day. Two post this day. Must explain the crick in my neck.

Smile. Phred loves you all.

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