Friday, December 29, 2006

One man and a website....

Saddam Hussein, former President of Iraq, looks to be on his way out. His attorney, Giovanni di Stefano, was just on CNN discussing a last minute appeal for Saddam's an American court.

This link will take you to a wikipedia entry about Mr. di Stefano. How he got rich: "He began amassing what he claims eventually constituted his £450m fortune by importing videotapes from Hong Kong." Included are a list of Mr. di Stefano's former clients:

The late paramilitary leader Arkan, charged with war crimes before his murder;

Kenneth Noye, convicted of murdering a man in a road rage incident in London before fleeing to Spain;

Slobodan Milošević, the Serbian President charged with genocide;

John "Goldfinger" Palmer, a timeshare fraudster whom he helped to retain £33m worth of fraudulently acquired money;

Jeremy Bamber, who murdered five members of his own family;

Jonathan King, the pop-music impresario convicted of sexual offences against children

Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator;

John Gilligan, a convicted Irish drug dealer, acquitted of the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin.

Mr. di Stefano keeps interesting company. A bootlegger among the depraved. The trend continues.

It's an Established Truf that only whites can be racists(as currently neoligized people use "racists" interchangeably with "hate", by rmoving the power component). No deviation from this line is accepted, or acceptable. If you are not white, then you can't be racists, no matter past statements, former associations, or current actions. Racism, it seems, is exclusively the domain of the "white man." I find that racist and exclusionary.

Another Established Truf is that tyranny is strictly a device of the current government. But tyrants don't come, fully formed, into the world, with Dear Leader status, nifty uniforms, parades a'marching and death camps a killing. The are usually spit out the end of a process rarely initiated by themselves. A process of disruption of the (whatever) current order, creation of front groups, agitations and whatnot. Stalin benefits from Lenin, Hitler from the Frei Korps, Mao from those dudes who first tried to marginilize him and Saddam Hussein from that dude what first started the Baathist movement. Totalitarians benefit from disorder sown by others.

Tyranny is a set of practices, used to achieve the end of control. Judge, jury and executioner, all in one hand.

Switching gears.

One man and a website. Zombietime is a website that chronicles rallys, parades and protest in and around the San Fransico Bay area. During the First Isreali-Hezbollah/Iran War, the webiste author examined some claims surrounding the "bombing" of a Lebanese ambulance. Months later, Human Rights Watch responed to Mr. Zombietime. And in turn, he responded. Read the links.

The nut of HRW argument was that and attack by the Isreali's on the Lebanese ambulance was possible becuase of:

1. Joo Missile.
2. Secret Joo Missile.
3. Joo mischief.

Now that's a crude summation of their arguments, and Mr. Zombietime does a lot better job of debunking their response. I find it intructive for two reasons:

1. HRW is a world wide perception shaping organization. It's budget is thirty million dollars a year. Thought experiment: name one company with thirty million dollars a year in revenue. Go ahead, I'll wait. Yeah, I couldn't think of one either.

2. And you really have to read the zombietime site. The thrust of HRW was not so much to answer Mr. Zombietime's observations, but seemed designed to shut him (argumentively) down.

Interesting approach. Wretchard, of the Belmont Club, posts extensively on the role of the blogoshpere in countering and exposing "large" perception generating organizations.

In a few short hours, a barbarian tyrant will hang.

His death, like his accomplishments, will be a footnote in history. The trend continues.

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