Saturday, December 23, 2006

Welfare Queens...

Remember the term welfare queens? Back in the eighties. Generally conjured up images of black, single mothers, scamming the system. Now, we meet the new welfare queens. I will say this about Brussels: they do have some great chocolate and beer.

I love listening to people like David Duke, that Irving dude recently let out of jail and the nation of islam. Folks who believe in predetermination. Folks who, in their own way, eschew free will.

I'm good, cuz I wuz borned that way.

Two types of people in the world. Those concerned with where they were at when born, and those concerned with where they are at when the die.

At least to my mind.

Going to try and grill a trout tonight. I'm not really a big fish fan, unless it comes from some fancy joint, like Captain D's or Long John Silvers. But last night I forced an old fashioned New England clam bake, modified by geography of course, on my wife. She is not a big shellfish fan.

This has led to an argument about fish.

She believes fish should swim. I think that's silly.

But we compromise.

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