Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Camels from horses....

I had a boss who used to qoute Mother Teresa, something about "work worth doing." It's taken me awhile to come around to that, but now I'm see what he means. I'm bone tired. Long day. Up before dawn, home after dark. But I walked in the door with a smile on my face. I'm liking the new job, my wife sees that, and it makes us both happier.

Underating work, underrates something very central to ourselves.

Take it from me, I'm the laziest man on earth (and not in the "good" Robert Heinlien way). But I do love a challenge. Leave it up to the corporation to give me one. Interesting year, ahead.

So, the same day NASA confirms water on Mars, the Sci Fi channel shows "H.G. Well's War of the World". Looks like a Sci Fi channel original. Twenty dollar special effects, but with a lot of love for the source material. My wife asked me what it was about, and I told her it was the reason we needed to invade Mars, RIGHT NOW, and KILL THEM, BEFORE THEY KILL US (tm). Or talk to them.

We need a commission to look into our options.

My guess, despite the build up, the ISG Report is going into the circular file. Dissappoints. Neither hare nor hair.

Surprised to find out that it was produced under the auspices of the United States Institute of Peace. USIP: Minitru or degrees in need of jobs?

Loving life.

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