Sunday, December 3, 2006

Goodbye the old..

Her root canal went well. But, for the past couple of days, my wife has been going around doing a decent imitation of Popeye. Got some antibiotics yesterday, so hopefully, she'll be all well by mid week.

Glenn is opening an invitation to the blogosphere to discuss ways to win in Iraq. Sounds like fun. My short answer is that you don't.

By trade I'm a logistician. I move boxes. Strategy is beyond me.

When I was shopping my brains to institutes of higher learning (college) for the subtle ministration of a modern education, one moment stands out. My step dad drove us north, about two hours, to the big city. Well, I interviewed, did well, and was offered a scholarship. The recruiter, out there on the curb, looked at me and said "your dad must really love you." Well, of course. He's said it before. Only later did I realize what he meant. Yeah, my step dad said he love me, but his demonstration of love was in what he did.

My shorthand calls that "love from the lips, or love from the hands". Smarter people compare eros and agape.

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