Sunday, December 10, 2006

Is there life....

...after forty? Scientist have discovered water, there, on forty, but as yet, no signs of life. While many have "crossed over" into their forties, all that we know, at this date, are some rather unreliable reports from people in their thirties who, working through mediums, confirm that yes, well, life continues into ones forties, and, in addition, that there is no amount of nesting prohibited if, of course, you use sufficient amounts of commas.

Treat this with skepticism.

When I was twenty, I figured by the time I hit thirty, I'd better have at least a million dracma in gold bullion cubes stashed away. The way my thinking went, at thirty, my man unit would fall off, and all I'd be left with was the cold comfort of cash.

Well, my man unit remained on, and my bank account remained about what it was when I worked at Baskins Robbins.

Trade offs.

I read, today, somewhere on the interwebs, about David Duke heading over to Persia for a conference on the Holocaust. I think it had something to do with the freedom of thought. Minitru, honest. David Duke has a presence on the web. What's called a page. It seems edited by Not Duke, but a person of undoubtably good Aryan Stock. Lot of chatter, on his site, about Aryanism and genetics and western civilization. And so now Dave (can I call him Dave?) headed over to Persia. Probably to establish a consensus. I wonder, as people strive to consensulate, do they ever wonder who they are consensulating with. Lay down with racist, get up with mullahs kind of thing.

Neal Stephenson wrote a trilogy called the Baroque Cycle. I tried to read it, but, to be upfront, the book was beyond my ability to understand. I like my books to have "for dummies" nested somewhere in the title. But I liked the title of his secod book in the series:

The Confusion.

Seems to me, as some have said, and according to others, that the deck chairs are being rearranged. A prequel, of sorts. You guys, with your beliefs, get on that side, my guys, with our beliefs, will gather up over here, and then it's on:


And may the best Sentient Entity win.

Here's a picture of Marcia Cross. Only because gingers are generally underrated.

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