Sunday, December 31, 2006

My wife knows me well. I've been very clear with her on where on marital infidelity: it's a lot of work, and probably not worth the effort.

So while she doesn't worry about who I sleep with, she does get upset about where I sleep. Namely the couch. It's a hold over from my single days. I believe the couch is the single most important piece in the entire house. Close to the refrigerator, situated near the picture square, and (now with wireless) constantly connected to the innerwebs, I rarely see a need to get off the couch (ok, maybe to go to work, shop for food and escape the occasional grease fire). Problem is (single days) I also like to sleep on the couch. My wife has put her lovely foot down about that, but a couple of days ago she actually threw a blanket over me and let me sleep their.

Her first words to me the next day were, "if you sleep on the couch again, I will divorce you."


In my life, I've broken:

1. One jaw.
2. One wrist.
3. One tib-fib.

Pursuing a certification in Brazilian Jujitsu, I've had:

1. My nose fractured.
2. Toe nail ripped out.
3. And pain in parts of my body I've yet to identify.

To overcome my fear of heights, I've done:

1. Bungee jumping.
2. Rappelling.
3. Parachuting.

My wife hates to go on roller coasters. I tell her that it's o.k. to fear, we all do. It's how we deal with our fear, that determines who we are, as people. Hey, if I didn't take the risk of asking her out, we wouldn't get married (women folk scare the hell out of me, that's why I'm glad I was able to snag one into holy matrimony).

You either deal with your fear or your fear deals with you.

Tigerhawk has this post about risk. Made for good reading.

I've got a new innerweb buddy, and her name is Shelby Grantham:

We should have bolted when she entered the door on the first day of class. Or perhaps gotten out when we perused the term’s readings. We had heard the rumors, whispered down from upperclassmen, that Prof. Shelby Grantham was “the worst prof for English 5.”

She's a professor a Dartmouth (which is not, I 'm surprised to learn, a sort of riverine fish). Followed this link from Dinocrat, to a page of The Quotable Shelby Grantham:

On Racism: “Only white people can be racist.”
On Society: “We’re uncomfortable talking about money in this culture.”
On the Rustic Life: “I have $15 in the bank.”

I think about people like Mrs. Grantham, and two words come immediately to mind: sweet material.

Have a Happy New Years, all.

See you in the next one.

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