Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pattern Recognition

Cory Doctorow, posting over at Boing Boing, writes:

I feel him. I pretty much missed attending Honors classes in high school by a few points. Then I was accused of laziness by my teachers. Probably true. Instead, I went into the advanced placement track in ended up CLEPing a large part of my freshman year of college.

Lazy, again.

To date, I've never really settled into a career. I've got a profession; but it is one that gives me time to pursue my interest. And use explosives.

Eventually, I figure I'll settle down, and get to doing whatever the hell is I'm meant to do. It will either involve ponies, kittens or systems complexity. Maybe ponies.

My point is, I've got my eye on the perfect career. It just hasn't been invented yet.

Over at Scott Adams' blog, he references this New York times article talking about tout le universe being part of some deep blue/cray like supercomputer.

Um. O.K.

For me, it's like some mitochondria finally self actualizing in my big toe and realizing it's part of something larger. And that something larger may be organic.

Scott's right that universe as computer is a constant theme in SCIFI (PBUH), but I can't help thinking that if the universe is part of some computronium, then it is o in a way that's not recognizable.

No "intel inside" stickers slapped to it's big bang.

It's enough for me to view the universe as a complex system with plenty of unknown data points. Finding out how or where I fit into that system is enough to occupy me for life.

That, and explosives.

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