Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rudy on the World

I finally got around to reading Rudy's piece in Foreign Affairs: Toward a Realistic Peace. Pretty good read, and I can see why Thomas P.M. Barnett found the work impressive; it bears alot of the hallmarks of PNM and BFA. Rudy addresses a complex, developing world in a way that is distinctly not "batshit insane." 

He'd like to take America down a path between "bend over" and "bomb, bomb, bomb." 

Looking at the other responses, on Slate, from the "left" or the "right," I'll note not one George Keenan. But, Kaplan be proud, they were probably all "A" students. Good for them. Bad for us.


(P.S. Fred's going to have to step it up)

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