Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Someone's listening

Dr. North over at EUReferendum has been on a roll recently about the nature of close air support in battle.  He's right, of course. The way ahead in nook and crannie battles is smaller, cheaper, repeatable (tactics, aircraft, ground vehicles etc). One of the planes he's proposed for the Brits is the Super Tucano, from Brazil.

Today, from Strategy Page:

August 27, 2007: Security company Blackwater U.S.A. is buying Super Tucano light combat aircraft from the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. These five ton, single engine, single seat aircraft are built for pilot training, but also perform quite well for counter-insurgency work. 

BEGIN PARANOIA: Why is Blackwater fielding it's own organic CAS. Is it for Iraq? Do they feel they don't or won't have access to U.S. CAS? Is it because U.S. CAS will be committed somewheres east in the near future? END PARANOIA

I don't know.

But hey, if Blackwater buys some C27-Js, they'll be on their way to the first homebrew military of this century. 

Ought to piss someone off.

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