Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Doctors Plot 2.0

I'm fascinated by the latest jihad trick, the Doctors Plot. It's fun watching the permutations play out, but it reminds me of the old saw, "what's the difference between a doctor and God? God doesn't think he's a doctor."

Of note, this latest the the doctor's firing mechanism, a syringe, failed. Kind of contrast with the earlier coverage that this was the "gang that couldn't bomb straight." They built a firing mechanism. I don't know how to build a firing mechanism. Do you?

Curious Yellow:

The infected victim, upon encountering a "clean" A-gate, would then feel compelled to switch the gate into debugger mode, enter a set of commands, then upload him/herself, after which the gate would execute the infected boot-loader in his/her netlink, copy it into its working set, and thus become infected in turn.

I finished reading Stross's Glasshouse. Well recommended. Even if he won't draw direct parallels ("Let's roll!!") I will.

Spoiler alert.

Curious Yellow vectors through established A-Gates (assembler gates). It's designed, virus like, to corrupt the established backbone of the Republic of Is, civilization at that time. Instead of time stamps and authentication, trust as it were, the Curious Yellow perverts the A-Gates and spews death.

Like jihad, methinks.


Jihad spreads through our societal A-Gates, vectoring through aviation one moment, trains another and medicine, of late.

Eventually, we'll respond, I guess.

The best writers comment, without commenting. Stross did just that, with Glasshouse.

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