Saturday, July 7, 2007

I ask...

How is a New York Times "Editorial" different from an anonymous blogs, asks this anonymous blogger:

The United States has about 160,000 troops and millions of tons of military gear inside Iraq. Getting that force out safely will be a formidable challenge. The main road south to Kuwait is notoriously vulnerable to roadside bomb attacks. Soldiers, weapons and vehicles will need to be deployed to secure bases while airlift and sealift operations are organized. Withdrawal routes will have to be guarded. The exit must be everything the invasion was not: based on reality and backed by adequate resources.

The army doods should like, you know, move their stuff, and then....oh look, a mojito.

But then I paraphrase.

(UPDATE: That was unfair of me. Though they write in the aggregate, they're pictured as individuals here. In apologia, I post my own photo:

thank you.)

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