Friday, July 6, 2007

Note to a Neighbor

Man's castle, and all that.

But check this out, close your fuc*ing patio door. KAI? If you want to engage in three ways with the dood in the black car, that's your issue. But when I'm sitting on the back stoop, looking at the stars, I really don't need to hear your wife (or yours) ass getting smacked. I don't need to know your religion (your wife frequently evokes the name of God). I know you're the last house on the lane, and you think things are semi private, but I'm getting a little tired of being involved in your sex life.

What you do in your four walls is your business, but when you open one to the air, you make it everyones. Being a good neighbor is a two way street. I'm respecting your thing, but you need sure as fuc* respect mine.

Seriously doods, close your fuc*ing door.

(Note: my wife and I, sexy biracial couple that we are, do not swing. Keep eying her when she takes out the trash, and I'm going to fuc*ing adjust your variables. Seen the Body Exhibit yet?)


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