Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A problem with edges

That's what my parasailing instructor described my fear of heights as, earlier today. A problem with edges. Parasailing, jumping out of planes, issue dude. But edges? They are like my Room 101.

After parasailing, my wife and I went up to Ecola Park, here abouts. Beautiful place

See this cliff? We went over and took some pictures, and then started walking towards the high point. As we walked, saw a blonde Russian girl walking down into the crevice. Yellow top, tan skirt and soft sided shoes. Odd. We passed her friends as they shouted "we were only joking (wife translating)." Kept wondering where the girl was going as we rounded the corner. Looked back on last time, and saw a crowd gathering on the prominence.

The girl fell down the cliff an into a cove. No outlet. Tide coming in. These two doods jumped dwon to go after her. We watched them climb down, as we made our way back. On the cliff, we saw the first dood get to her.

Now see, here's where I figured I should have climbed down after them, and offered assistance. Instead, I called 911 described the situation and her location. Gave them my number and hung up. They called back once more (it's damned important to keep eyes on and give out a good contact number when calling 911) for a final fix. Ten mikes later, Fire and Rescue where on the cliff.

The girl.

Her friend calls the girl, and we find out that she has a broken leg. Fire Rescue tries rappelling, but that's not going to work.

The girls other friends observe.

The Coasties return and she is rescued.


My problem with edges kept me from leaping bodily to her rescue. But I'm damned glad I called 911.

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