Saturday, June 30, 2007


WIKI:"The word comes from French, and can be translated as "lover of", reflecting the amateur's motivation to work as a result of a love or passion for a particular activity."

With the events in London and Glasgow, it looks like jihad is committing to coordinated "terror campaigns," similar to the ones perfected in Irak. Franchising the business, as it were. The attempted bombings were flawed, but give those boys time. The have a large base of knowledge to draw on, and an absolute comittment to their assigned tasks.

They will achieve their "effects." And when they do, it will make the IRA campaigns look governed by Marquess of Queensberry Rule, by comparison.

There are two responses to the jihad, respond there or respond here. Here means, ultimately, a defensive posture, internal controls on movement, Real ID and such. A crouching tiger, hiding from the dragon, as it were.

I wonder which one we'll choose.

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