Sunday, June 17, 2007

Neutrality Maintained

So I broke down and bought some of those CFL bulbs. Geez, talk about expensive. I went with the generic brand, with a two pack costing five dracma. The branded crap ran from six to eight dracma a bulb. I'll tell you, if the guvmint ever mandates these things, the candle industry is going to be a new growth industry. I would cost us one hundred dollars just to light our first floor. And brightness? I looked directly into one and almost went blind.

That said, I managed to offset any "good" I might have done, by also picking up 4.5 pounds of New York Times.

I'm willing to try new things, but I'm going to keep my lethal habits (like smoking, drinking, the occassional hit on a crack pipe and calling Marine Corps Generals incompetent).

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