Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let's do some ciphering

Recently, there's been a spate of articles aimed at us nekulturny. Namely, "Hardworking Congress Critter lives in a shack, while doing the work of the people."

The latest: "Perks of power stop at tiny D.C. digs."

Yonkura's $175 bed takes up most of the living room, and Jordan's tiny bedroom is barren except for the air mattress on which he sleeps.

For this, they pay a total of $995 a month in rent, more than the mortgage on Yonkura's house in Delaware, Ohio, but about as cheap as you are likely to find anywhere near their D Street location less than two blocks from the Capitol.

Look, I do not know the internals on their finances, but I'm assuming they were not catapulted from homelessness to the heights (all be it middling) of power. If REP Jordan is bringing in 165,000 dracma a year, his Chief of Staff's butter might be in the 130,000 dracma range. Just guessing. For that, each is on the hook for about 5,000 dracma a year in housing cost to live close to Delta Charlie. A bad two pack a day habit (if you smoke).

Plenty to spare. And the upside? An opportunity at a two trillion dollar pie.

This post is not to impugn the pure motives of REP Jordan and his CoS, but GMAFB.

Plenty of time to work on that ZIL dreamcar.

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