Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Organic DVDs

I remember when DVD's first came out. They were overpriced releases of the "Classics" (or movies that didn't sell well on VHS. As the price of DVD players came down, and the options went up, the selection of DVDs proliferated. Within about two years, VHS tapes were relegated to to the corner of your average big box store.

Today, I went shopping for a "big salad" dinner. Some oversized shrimps (grilled) avocados, apples, onions...the works. Nice summer deal. Well, wound up looking at these avocado's going for about three dollars per. Looked up, and saw I was in the "organic" section. Finally found a pair of (nonorganic?) avocados. Two for two fitty.

On the way home, I listened to NPR. Evidently, the Grand Senate of the Republic is debating an energy bill. The bill, evidently, will do stuff. As I understood the debate, Evil Big Oil is going to be replaced, by fiat, the Evil Big Corn or Evil Big Coal. The choice is going to be between putting food in the tank or looking like the Lil' Rascal Alfalfa behind an exhaust pipe.

I dunno.

I'm a fool, so it's easy to separate me from my money. But please don't separate me from my food.

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