Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's the plan, stan.

I think it's a personal responsibility for every citizen of the Republic to inform themselves of the issues. Any issues. My personal issue is the war. Not necessarily the battle in Irak, or even the larger global conflict against troglodyte collectivist simmering under the banner of jihad. My takeaway from reading Barnett, Robb et al, my own observations (Jethro would call them "cipherings") lead me to believe we need to look down the road a bit, at what's coming next. It's like being in the Balkans War before some random Archduke goes and gets himself shot.

Anti-globalization. Tribalism. Primitivism. Savagery. Id smothering ego.

So I like to see what prospective candidates have to say about, well, future conflicts. Unfortunately, Irak is the loadstone. "Solve" Irak, and bad things go bye-bye. Well, no. Next, I need three takeaways when I read each candidates plan. Situations are complex, but plans that try and account for too much complexity often miss the mark. Last, I need their proactive solutions. I've got to cut through the dross of "Bush lied, eggs fried." So, with that in mind, here are the top four candidates from each party* and my three takeaways:

1. De-authorize war NLT 11OCT2007.
2. Cap troop levels at JAN2007 levels.
3. Residual force in Irak is the endstate.

1. Phased withdrawal.
2. Money spent on Reconstruction in Irak,
3. Regional Conference.

1. Immediately withdraw up to 50,000 Soldiers.
2. All combat troops out in 12-18 months.

1. Deauthorize war.
2. Withdraw troops.
3. Conference.

1. Widens target set to global jihad.
2. Supports use of DIME.
3. Coalition of the Able to promote "secular education, modern financial and economic policies, international trade, and human rights."

1. No timetable for withdrawal.
2. Irak is only one front in wider war.
3. Endstate for Irak is a willing partner.

1. Supports the surge, with a bottom up approach to security.
2. Add SryIran to the target set.
3. Let the American people know this is a long war, not a twenty-four second news cycle.

1. Nothing on his official website.
2. His approach to information is more diffuse.
3. And yes, my wife and I will be getting "lifelock."

So that's how I read it.

* Phred added Fred because you know he's going to run. Dug up the War Powers Resolution (umm, it's not an "Act", it's a "Resolution") and couldn't find any language about "deauthorization." Make me smarte, here, KAI?

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