Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Americans Have Landed

Barnett in Esquire:

But denying other great powers strategic interests in the region does not constitute a strategy of our own, nor does the great hunt for "high-value targets." Which is why America has come to Africa militarily and isn't leaving anytime soon. The same can be said for China in the economic realm. To work, a lot of preconceptions about what an American military presence is really good for in underdeveloped countries will have to change. What we've not learned in Iraq -- or taken far too long to learn -- will have to be somehow acquired, soldier by soldier and tour by tour, on the ground in Africa.

Read it all, as they say. Thomas complained about his abilities in "straight reporting." He ought not. What Joe Galloway, and of late, Michael Yon bring to the tactical fight, Barnett brings to the Strategic. Interest and knowledge.

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