Friday, June 15, 2007

Welcome to the Thunderdome!

So Hamas' takeover of Gaza is complete. Watched CNN tying themselves into knots blaming the Capitalist Entity, Israel, the failure of "diplomacy"---- basically everyone except the "blameless" Palestinians (Going strong as a "People" since 1974).  Plenty of talk about how Hamas was democratically elected. So? The Palestinians were told to choose, and they chose badly. Granted, choosing between the corrupt and the nuts, maybe there's no good choice. The Palestinians are at the bottom of the death spiral created by international welfare, compassion and aggressive diplomatic efforts to roadmap a solution to a two state solution wherein the Joos get screwed. The pox, as we now observe, is on their house.

At the end of the day, Hamas is not an outlier. It's an early adopter. If the West Bank falls, then maybe the Persian Mullah's can "euphemize" Israel without resorting to nooks. Sad.

Remember back during the internet bubble, there was that magazine FastCompany? Some clever kid came up with FuckedCompany as a rejoinder. 

Perhaps some smart strategist will start a new webzine: FuckedCountry.

When your "Security Forces" look like that, you might just be living in a FuckedCountry.

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