Thursday, June 14, 2007

Europe unveils space plane for tourist market

MSNBC reports

Nice. Here's me predicting the spacecraft will be three times the size, carry less than the promised passengers and only go to one point in space.

History is on my side.

EADS, the largely government owned European jack off all trades doesn't inspire confidence. They make AIRBUS. And represent a mindset of big over small. The AIRBUS 380, for example.

E.U.-AIRBUS threw up the A380 as the dominant airplane of the 21st Century. A big hub to hub plane. Boeing responded with a sweet 7E7 and finally settled on the 787 Dreamliner, the go where you want alternative. Dreamliner is set to trump the A380. 

But you know what, you probably could have predicted this years ago.

A couple of good articles here, and here.

Some truths are just, what's the word, "self-evident."

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