Friday, June 8, 2007

I Understand Now

Caught a distinguished gentleman by the name of Secretary Chertoff on NPR this afternoon. Distinguished Gentleman Secretary Chertoff, is, if I caught his title right, the head of the Department of Homeland Bureaucracy. Nice fellow.

Anyways, he explained to me, in terms I could understand, what would happen if our benign Congress did not Act Now to End the Dual Status of Undocumented Euphemistic Americans. Scared the stuffing out of me. Secretary Chertoff (from memory):

"Crops will not be harvested; food will rot in the ground!!!!"

He also opined that farmers will move their farms to either the north or south of the border. My minds eye filled with images of lorries, loaded with topsoil and tomato plants, queuing up at the border in search of labor. Once in CANMEXICO, these poor farmers would have to look for empty patches of, well, land, to dump their land and start anew.

"Crops will not be harvested; food will rot in the ground!!!!"

Generally, I've been opposed to Guest Worker Programs. Actually, Guest Worker Programs II:

Seems like we've been there, done that. Even "benign" Metic citizenship? Bad idea. Or so I thought.

I've changed my mind:

"Crops will not be harvested; food will rot in the ground!!!!"


I'm opposed to crop not harvesting and anti-food rotting as a matter of principle. That principle being I likes to eat.

Today, the Homeland Bureaucracy rescinded a rule requiring Americans to display a passport when returning from the near abroad, CANMEXICARRIBEAN and the like. Seems they got overwhelmed processing applications from 1.5 to 1.7 million Americans per month. Wow. Look, personally I'd like to see every American with a passport, if only to piss Michael Moore off. But, even that task seems beyond the doable.

But when it comes to Z-Visas for Euphemistic Americans, they're good to hook. Knock those babies out in twenty-four hours or less.

The Computronium that runs the Universe must be having a good laugh.

At the end of the day, for me, the debate isn't about immigration, legal, illegal or para-legal. It's about the innate incompetence of entrenched
bureaucracies. Parties are irrelevant.

Once you join the bureaucracy, you automatically can not shoot straight.

That's just a rule. Intentions are irrelevant.

Alas. Let them in or "Crops will not be harvested; food will rot in the ground!!!!"


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