Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Globalization Real.0

I disagree with Thomas P.M. Barnett on a couple of issues. Namely, the Persian Mullahs and the Super Sweet Missile Shoot 'em Down Shield. A lot of my disagreement probably has to do with where we are in the three stages of life: tactical, operational, strategic.

I'm defiantly moving through the operational phase, ready to nit pick the strategic. Different strokes.

So I got to tell you, he misses the mark by a country mile, here:

Hollywood's globalization proceeds apace

He's referencing the worldwide release of Pirate's of the Caribbean: End of the Investments. My wife's friend caught the movie in Eastern Europe. She, the friend, was bored. Her, the friend's, boyfriend fell asleep.

PoC was released worldwide, because it sucked. And it needed to suck in revenue before it died in the home market. Mission accomplished, I guess.

A Hollywood serious about globalization would leverage internet 2.0, get rid of the DVD "regional coding" and push a more optimistic world view. Oh, and not take cash from Hugh Chavez.

Just my two dracma.

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