Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Things I've Unlearned

So, capitalizing on Mayday the only way he knows how, Hu Chavez, President of Venezuela, indulged in a little bit of appropriation for "the people."

Oh, it was a big show all right for the communist dictator, almost like a military conquest. Chavez sent soldiers charging in to "re-take" four large foreign-oil installations, planting the Venezuelan flag.

Show over substance.

When I was a kid, of small id, this would have been spun a hell of alot more. A Dear Leader of the People liberating National Resources from the Hated Capitalist Entity. Now it's just sad. And dumb. Now foreign direct investment will flee Venezuala (which is why many pine for "Universal Socialism"), and their country will suffer.

Reminds me to list out things I've had to "unlearn":

  • Trying is not the same as doing.
  • It's not a question of will we when, but should we when.
  • Feelings are between a man and woman (or other such combinations). Leave them out of the public sphere.
  • The dood you wants you passive, wants to steal from you.
  • Sometimes, you got to tell folks their breath stinks.
  • Love is an action verb. Not an adjective.
  • For "humanity," nothing. For humans, everything.
  • A distrust of "square jaws."
  • Always hit the link.
  • Consensus is dangerous. Always conversate.
Just a partial list.

Getting to that "long days" period. That salt won't mine itself.

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