Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Slumbering Giant of Middling Height, Awakes!!!

Well, it looks like Nicolas Sarkozy will be the next President of the Metropolitan. That island around Paris (you may call it France) has delivered a sharp rebuke to the Enarques, and handed Sarkozy a mandate. Which will probably disappoint Sarko. Word is, he prefers women.

It's fun to bash the French. I do it often. But I do it out of the realization that what divides us from the French is a lot smaller than what unites us. We both go in for liberte, egalite, fraternite and high definition television. Our revolutions occurred around the same time. And we both prefer red, white and blue.

The difference? The Franks empowered the State. We empowered the Individual.

When shooting at a twenty five meter target, the slightest twitch at the barrel can cause you to miss the mark entirely.

Here's to hoping the Franks learn to shoot straight, this time around. Europe doesn't need a new Nationalist party. She's in desperate need of a new Rationalist Party.

Let the riots begin. In the banlieues and on W. 43rd Street.

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