Wednesday, May 2, 2007

S Corporations

'Kay. Last thought for the night. On page 289 of Barnett's BFA, he talks about starting an S Corporation.

I remember when my parents did that. Sitting down, being lectured on S Corps, Small Business Loans and wealth creation. They've managed, overtime, to raise themselves to the ranks of minor hated Capitalist Entities. Good on them.

I've kicked around my wife and I founding a corporation. Of course, I have no business plan, but why let that stop us. I figured it would just be nice, in addition to the dog, to have a bouncy little corporation around the house. Something we could pet, love, feed and care for.

Who knows.

Point is that wealth ameliorates many of the worlds "problems".

The mercantilists, as Barnett rightly points out, see wealth as limited and only divisible. Silly rabbits. Wealth is unlimited and multiplicative.

Just depends on how you define wealth, is all.

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