Sunday, May 20, 2007

Small notes....

Busy days, and hence the absence of posts.

But tonight, searching the web for Kittah p0rn, I came upon the inestimable Lew Rockwell website (don't ask how). Lew had a post up linking himself to the candidacy of Ron Paul.

A sheer, unadulterated joy descended upon me, as I read the post. Finally.

Look, Ron Paul ne Rockwell is to freedom and free enterprise what the collective left is to good shepard environmentalism. Short answer, nothing. Long anwser, basically the same pathologies, the same true believer movementeers, in sheeps clothing. But it's not all bad.

I, for one, welcome our Rockwellian overlords. Strong yin to the collectivist yang. To paraphrase the former aircraft carrier Marshal Foch, "enemies to my left, enemies to my right, the situation is excellent. I attack!!"


In other news, the Little Mermaid has gone all demure.

I never got around to seeing her when I was in Skoal Copenhagen. First off, it was balls cold, and second off, there was this little party in Malmo I had to get to. But it distresses me to see her so covered. Sigh.

Cashews all around.

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