Sunday, May 6, 2007

Things I thought everyone knew

(Nous sont tous chicks.)

I read alot of science fiction. One of the themes you come across is some sort of post human race, where everyone's a babe. Dan Simmons touched on such a theme in his Ilium/Olympus duology.

Makes sense. We all start out as female, until the old Y Chromosome kicks into self preservation mode.

Basically, the gonads, or 'nads, if you prefer, develop from a cluster of cells somewhere around the chest. As the embryo develops, the 'nads move south. Well, that's when you get what will become the birth canal starting, and the development of ovaries. The Y Chromosome overrides this process, and you start to see differentiation in the male of the species. A unit develops, and you get the keys to dad's car. Absent the Y Chromosome, you get invagination and start fretting over who's taking you to the prom.

All balances out, and you get a roughly fifty/fifty mix of male and females.

That's why I was interested in reading the this new Hate Crime legislation. Some of the commentators were saying it defined twenty-five odd different definitions of gender and sexuality. Man, I thought, that's interesting. I wondered how they got at all those combinations?

Alas, it doesn't.

Basically, it's just boring boilerplate.

Don't get me wrong, it's a crap law. But not for what's been said about it. But because it empowers the government, yet again, to do stuff.

Check out the yea/nay map, though. Further evidence of the Heathen/Urbanite divide:

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