Sunday, May 27, 2007

When I was a phrap....

I thought I had a clever thing going.

Every time, in middle school, I got a grade that was less than par, I had to take it home to show my dad. Kept the parental unit in tune with my progress. Smarte guy that I was, I stuffed the bad test/paper into the seat on the bus. Buses at that time had those little break away seats that went forward. Plenty of room to hide the evidence.

Well, eventually, the bus driver told me I had to take all those papers out, and take them home. Seems he wasn't cleaning them out, as my nefarious plan required. He let them accrete. So, on that day, I gathered up all the papers, and dumped them in a trash can, near my bus stop. Pleased with my cleverness, I went home.

I had dinner, watched some t.v., and took my bath to get ready for bed. It was then my dad said, "let's go for a walk." I put some clothes over my p.j.'s and followed my dad outside. My little mind was confused. It wasn't until we rounded the corner to the bust stop, that my little mush of a mind gelled.


My dad made me take all my papers out of the trash can, smooth them out, and bring them home.

Lesson learned. Parents need be involved. A point/counterpoint to "free" edumacashion.

As a sidebar to my little anecdote, Stophomework movements are total bunk.

By design.

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