Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Math

Retired General x (Think Tank + T.V. Appearance) = Increase Credibility

I think I got that. 'Cause, you see, General's on active duty are distrustful careerists, unwilling to buck the system, man. I only wanna hear from General's who echo my perception.

At least, that's how I interpret Scott Adams latest.

Couple of days back, he was advising the "18-21" cohort not to enlist. Seems the MILKILL haven't bought enough MRAPs, those sweet engines of armor, to replace all thirty five thousand HUMVEES in the inventory. Set aside for a moment that the buy set for 9,000 nicely replaces all the up-armored HUMMERS in Iraq (Alaskan Defense're on your own), he's probably right that an active national industrial base could provide those 9,000 quicker than the two year planned buy.

But, alas, an active industrial base requires an engaged populace focused on the challenges ahead.

Navel gazing (Iz i's supporting da troopes enuff/where be da massively destructive weapons) seems, so well, 2005ish.

Move along, my children. Challenges await.

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