Saturday, May 12, 2007

On the Road II

Nice day out.

The Science Fiction Museum. Great, but, well, a little light on exhibits. Still, liked seeing the wooden armrests on Kirk's NCC 1701 command chair (alas, no indoor photoging allowed).

OK. I thought we indulged Louis shamelessly. I was wrong.

Took in a couple of rotations on the Ballard Locks. Did not sing "Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal." Not once.

Nearly attacked by a gang of geese. We avoided them. Violence rewarded.

All in all a nice day.

Driving home, the noos had a little snippet about Oprah getting an honorary degree from Howard University. Oprah commented that it was nice to be recognized by "your own." My wife thought that was racist.

Silly girl, it's just tribal.

Got home and tallied the destruction. We've never left Louis home, that long. Correction, my wife has never left Louis home alone for that long. He tore up a box of toothpicks, her cell phone holder, the toilet paper, a knife (??) and the letter 'n' and '<' key from her iBook.

We need to get that dog profiled. There's a message there, somewhere.

Until then, his butt gets detained, cage match style.

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