Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pajama's Warfare

(inside the blog joke)

Glenn Reynold's weighs in on Robb's new book, "Brave New War," in his article titled "Open Source Warfare."

It's an interesting take, weighing his book, An Army of Davids, as the yin to Robb's yang.

I'm a prodisestablishmentarianist, at least when it comes to the separation of government and power. Here's how I figure.

Yin: When governments fail, people suffer.
Yang: Governments don't go to heaven, people do.

Let's cut out the middle man.

At it's best, government is full of fumbling old men and women in a caretaker role. At it's worst, government is full of fumbling old men and women with Great Ideas to Do Something, Now.

Go small.

Robert E. Lee, Rommel, Yamamoto, Guderian were all brilliant military leaders. They were also on "the other side." The American response? We sat on their asses.

Grant on Richmond. The Sherman Tank versus the Leopard Variants. Victory ships.

Today we have Comanche's (since discontinued) in war, and Grand Bargains, in Diplomacy. We have a lot of lessons to unlearn. The "Fightin' 5TH Bureaucracy (Airborne)" is fit only for the dreams and drawing rooms of Delta Charlie.

Instead of silver bullets, we need to get back to putting lead down range.

I'm sure we'll get there in time.


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