Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Praetorian Guard.....

...call your office.

Mayor Bloomberg was rumored, earlier today, to be tossing a billion dracma into the ring, in a bid for the Presidency (sorry for the passive voice). Looks like he's nixing the idea.

Good. It means the grain supplies from Aegypt are assured for another season.

In other news, sometime blogger, radio host, actor, delivers a nice slap down to Hero Of The Capitalist Revolution, Michael Moore.

Odd day.

Got some good advice from a buddy. He told me to, basically, "chill, and be accepting of others views." I thought that over, and said, "balls!!" Consensus is corrosive, I responded.

Of course, dood makes about triple my takehome, so maybe he has a point.

But here's to me doubting that.

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