Sunday, January 14, 2007

"23 so far, including....

...the suicide bomber."

To which I'd respond, "so, that's 22 casualities."

Sitting down for my first Destination TV in a long while. Watching the season premiere of "24" with the wife.

Given the the first few minutes of dialogue, I don't know if this is going to be love or hate. But given "24's" ability for plot twist, this will be interesting.

UPDATE: O.K. It's over. Funny watching Jack run around in a Toyota Prius. My wife and I played the "who's the traitor?" game, but this being "24", expect more twist and turns.

That they started with carbombings on U.S. streets.

You know, whenever those Live Action Secret Squirrels with Big Brains brief us, they talk about bombings on U.S. street not in terms of "if", but "when." Of course, they're just paranoid, and can't see the election cycle big picture.


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