Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So tomorrow is a big day in our house. For both my wife and I.


The first time, as an adult, I felt like this was when I asked out my [First] "Love of My Life (tm)". You know the girl. She was the one you always had your eye, the one who was, somehow, genetically, magically, fated, to be your wife.

The girl whose smell you could recall with a thought.

You'd been away a college for a year. You'd dropped a little weight, ditched the glasses, and had a high top fade Kid n Play would envy.

You come to church one day, and here the clump, clump of heels behind you. They stop, you turn around, she smiles, you melt.

Eventually you get up the nerve to ask her out. But that first call. You're nervous. You pace around for a little bit, you weigh the pros (a date) and the cons (rejection). You laugh at all the people who say the worst thing a girl can can do is say 'no'. You know, see, you know, that the worst thing a girl can do is stand up on a chair, point, laugh....and say no.

So you get up your nerve. You screw your courage to the rotary dial, and you call.

And of course, she says yes.

And of course, it ends badly, a few years later. After all, she's the first love of your life. Practice.


So my wife (the love of my life) and I wait for news tomorrow (not a baby, BTW).

And the butterflies wait with us.

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