Friday, January 26, 2007

The coalition you have:

"Pragmatists say that a flawed trial is better than none and that there is no choice but to proceed with the tribunal you have rather than the tribunal you may wish to have."

From Best of the Web. (I'll update the link when I can figure out how to permalink)

As mentioned before, the merging of operational and homestation language is a little ball of shiny tinfoil which gives me hours of pleasure. How long before:

"Honey, let's let a sitter detain the kids, and let's you and I get out of the F.O.B. and do a little no knock raids downtonwn, and when we get home, put the kids in gitmo and do a little clear and hold ourselves?"

O.K. Maybe not.

One of the small pleasures of my job is the ability to it, and think contemplatively about the larger issues of the day. Technically referred to as "shooting the shit."

So I was having this conversation. Basically, my right hand man was saying that, pace 911, the Muslim were treated badly in America. Really? I asked him for a case. Besides the idjiot killing the beturbaned Sikh post 911, I couldn't recall a case. He mentioned that he'd been on a plane, there were some Muslims on it, and people looked, hold yourself, cross eyed at them.

See. That bothers me.

Look, if in, say, 1962, twenty black men had hijacked four planes full of white chicks and crashed them into the tallest buildings Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia, I'm thinking the reaction would have been a little bit, um, stringent. Maybe even a lynching or two. Certainly something beyond the cross eyed glance.

Am I saying the reaction would have been right? Of course not. But to compare the hurt feelings of Phobia pimps like the Council on American Islamic Relations and actual, real oppression by this country in the past is, in my mind, laughable.

Feel bad? Tough. Here's a quarter. Buy a hug.

America has the distinction of being best served by those whom she has abused the most. I'm thing of the 10th CAV (Buffalo Soldiers) on San Juan Hill, the Tuskegee Airman over Europe, the Japanese Nisei assaulting Sicily, the Irish Beat Cop and the Italian Lawyer. It has been, throughout her history, the job of the American oppressed to redeem her better qualities.

That's just the way it is.

Cross eyed.

So a guy I never heard of, on a show I've never watched, is entering therapy for calling a castmate a faggot.

Man, that's wrong.

Here's my take on the subject:

"Dude, you're a faggot."

"Look man, go fuck yourself. Or better yet, I'll do it to you. Bitch."

Crude? Yes, but effective. Instead, we have this self exposed idjiot going into therapy. Getting his mind right, no doubt, on his failure to communicate (too much). And the victim, he makes the talk show tour.


Cross eyed.

It's what happens when feelings trump facts, and emotion is mistaken for courage.

UPDATE: Egg on the face. Reading down the story, I see that some Quaker School attending beat up some Palestinians and called them terrorists. One of three things:

1. Dustup among kids, blown out of proportion.
2. A Hamas meeting, gone overlong, and interfering with a preplanned kegger.
3. Or some dicks.

Since it was reported in the "noos", I'll withhold judgement, until more surfaces.

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