Sunday, January 7, 2007


All in the name. Petrea. The rock.

From there, we get Peter. "On this rock", and all that.

The masculinized version, of course, is Petreaus.

I know philosopher dudes have wondered if a name grows a man, or if a man grows the name.

What was funny was watching the Sunday talk shows talk about the dismissal of 4STAR Casey, and his replacement by 4STAR Petreaus, in Iraq. The ramen noodle version went something like, "well, Casey's not playing ball, he's out, Petreaus in, haw, haw, look me be clever sometimes."

I paraphrase.

Funny thing, though, was that as the meme was being put to bed, Casey went not just out, but up. Army Chief of Staff. Which is interesting. Thirty months in Iraq gives a man, well, some perspective. And then the Rock was sent in.

Just interesting, is all.

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