Monday, January 15, 2007

Why do I find Ellen Degeneres funny....

..but Rosie O'Donnell, not so much.

I'm prepositioned on the couch, waiting for part II of '24'. An ad came on, featuring Ellen. She was amusing, charming, and upbeat. Go figure.


When I look back over posts or drawings, I cringe. Not because of what I wrote or drew, but because of how it came out in the end. Misspelling here, missed word there. When you're your own "Check on Learning", you make mistakes. Sometimes, I'm tempted to back and change the errors, but figure, with Google Earth Cache (see what I mean?), all my sins are remembered, anyways.


Do the wiki and you come up with this:

Khalifa (خليفة ẖalīfä) is Arabic for "stewardship" of nature and family, and is a key obligation of a Muslim.

So maybe Urban Outfitters is really not so far ahead of the curve.

It's not easy being green.

Can't escape the feeling that the Boyz in the Nedj are in for a nasty surprise. This "base" thing, these little YouTube posts?

Man, they don't know jack about marketing.

Speaking of which, I stayed up late last night. Seems "24" and "Rome" were on head to head. So, I stayed up to watch the repeat of "Rome".

Nice show, that "Rome".

UPDATE: Smokes. Just finished "24". Guess I'll sign on for the whole season. That show may do more than all the incessant talk about surging. At least with regards to to the Homeland.

I'm starting to watch this as an allegory.

Jack's tired. He's been at this for six days [six years], he's the one everyone calls on and he's the one everyone's willing to sell down the river. Jack can go from hero to zero in 4.2 seconds.

Nature of the game. The wordmongers in Delta Charlie. The infights closer to home.

And still Jack presses on. Until he's forced into a decision he'll damn himself he can go no further.

And then a city is lost. And Jack rises again.

See, it's all fun and games, until someone loses a city.

Funny, that.

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