Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I've Got a fetish for Blowup....

...things. No, not Dolls, real or not. But the idea of inflatable technology.

I blame Larry Niven. General Products Hull feature prominently in his world, the Known Universe. General Products Hulls are nearly indestructible. Problem is, they come in about four shape. In his short, Neutron Star, the idea of an inflatable, expanding section which adds more crew space, plays a prominent part in the adventures of Beowulf and Elephant.

As a child, this appealed to my imagination. As an adult, especially during winter, I kind of wish we could deflate some of the less used parts of the house and save on heating bills.


My wife hates to fly. For her, the odds of meeting ones end in a flaming wreck approach about one hundred percent. Every time we fly (without ambian) my arm gets scarred, scratched and squeezed. The only time I luck out is when (honestly), is when we can't sit together on flights. At one point, I flirted with the idea of taking flying lessons. Particularly one of those Sports Licenses. But, the only thing my wife hates worse than planes, is small planes.

So the idea of blimps is something that has universal appeal in our house.

I think we could compromise with a second, or third generation take on the personal blimp.

Of course, that just an interim step to getting one of these puppies. The RV Version, of course*.
(*the economics of these blog posts are based on "funny money economics")

Generally, my wife and I can compromise on almost anything.

Except chitlins.

I don't know why, but if it's January One of any given year, you can be sure that I'm cooking (quantities may vary) a mess of chitlins, black eyed peas and a smack of collard greens. Genetics.

My wife, though? Chitlins. The smell. Not so much.

Going to have to plan better, next year.

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