Saturday, January 27, 2007

A bloody night, indeed....

At least by homeland standards. Veal cutlets, done up in a red wine sauce, some vegetables. Followed by Natalie Mendoza, in The Descent.

A bloody night, indeed.

Cell phone camera's have a long way to go. Had a couple of good pictures I thought I'd post.

The second one was typical: a bumper sticker saying "Support Locally Grown Food, Shop the Coop", in, of course, the parking lot of our local MegaGlobalCorp Grocery Store.

The first one was a little harder to explain:

"Satan=faith. Death is hell. Long life, and wellness." and on the side, "To believe is to die."

Or something like that.

I live in a land of bumperstickers, so I'm generally not surprised by what I see, but this guy took the cake. He didn't ave a bumpersticker, he had signs, nailed front and back, to his car.

As to his message, I have no idea. Radical Transhumanism?

No good pics, tho. I blame camera phones. They suck. Sorry.

Natalie Mendoza, before The Descent.

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