Friday, January 12, 2007

"MBM seeks 'god person' for subjugation and light bondage"

Today, a group launched an attack, of sorts, on the U.S. Embassy in Athens. In a sort of dog bites man, this attack was not by the usual suspects. Seems the more cheerfully progressive elements of Greek society are rediscovering their roots. With the fall of the SOVUNION, it appeared that the days of the Wild Wild Left (Red Brigades and whatnot) were at an end. Posh. The forward march of ennui, oppression, and collectivist dystopia cannot be stopped by the mere disappearance of a champion.

There was idea that was Rome 2.0 (New Model Society, INC, All Rights Reserved).

Glad to to see the kids back in the game. But....

Let me be frank.

Hi, I'm Phrank, Phred's alternate personality. This is an open letter to all collectivist dystopians out there.

Come on fella's. What's going on here. We live in a time when Global Capitalists Entities (DON'T SHOP AT WALMART!!) are on the march, raping and pillaging the PEOPLE(TM) sowing DISCORD and BAD FEELINGS. Since the beginning of AMERICA NUMBER ONE WAR FOR TERROR, over four million, two hundred and seventy eight placards have been produced, three hundred and fifty two thousands rallies held, and untold short tonnes of naked flab ass written on, tattooed and otherwise displayed.

Direct Action? Zero.

Until today. Finally, some brothers in Greece (which is near Athens, where the attack occurred) took direct action. Now, by today's standards, their action sucked. I mean, here's this big blue eagle, and they, um, miss? No casualties, no collapsing towers, no shaped charges, no kidnappings followed up by a good old fashioned headchopping hoedown.

Come on guys. You don't even seem to be trying.

It's fine to be against the man, seek to subvert the dominant paradigm, transgress bounds, and party, but when you only do it on the weekends, after permits have been secured, and police protection assured, well, you know what you end up looking like?

Stone punks.

Take the ManJammie Jihad A.G. These guys have been against the man (Khafir), seeking to subvert the dominant paradigm (Reason), transgressing bounds (Human Decency) and partying (the aforementioned headchopping hoedown) for the past forty years.

These guys have spunk.

Now, full disclosure. I'm not down with their version of the New Model Society. Black manjammies don't flatter the old figure, if you know what I mean. But I got to give credit where credit is due. As far as barbarians at the gate, the ManJammie Jihad A.G. is the only game in town.

Unless we get our act together and stop being revolting and start revolting, then the ManJammie Jihad is going to set the New Model Society.

We need to start taking some of our old ideas, dust them off, and attach the prefix "neo-" to them, or we're done for, ok? Time is not on our side.

That's why today, I praise the actions of the brothers in Greece (which is near Athens, where the attack occurred). Bravo. As I sit here, watching the picture square, sipping a glass of (non-GM, Fairtrade) wine, I salute you.

Forward the future.

Thanks Phrank.

I see on the web, that Sealand is back in play. Sealand is one of those micronations that were back in vogue awhile back. I never did like the word micronation. For my shorthand, I liked to call them pocket nations. Sort of like pocket battleships. Pocket battleships had heavy weaponry, like battleships, but were faster and more lightly armored.

Kind of fits my idea of pocket nations. And hell, with thermonuclear weapons becoming more and more man portable, who knows?

Well, the guys at Pirate Bay are looking to buy Sealand. The idea is to put it's servers out of the reach of traditional law enforcement, and continue running their bittorrent sites. O.K. We'll see how that works out.

Sealand is like socialism, good in theory, but a failure in practice. Don't know why. Maybe the theory is flawed.

What tickled my funny bone were the comments in the forum, particularly the one on communism:

I dont think that the owners will begin to murder people when others dont agree. I will just stop downloading from them, and use mininova.

Sure. That's just what Andrei Sakharov did.

Personally, I think that one of the best possible governmental styles would be a country with a Communistic economy and distribution of wealth with an Athenian democratic descision-making style

Generally, Athenian Democracy matches the description of communist countries. You have a small group of participating Citizens (the Party), and a larger group of non voting, non participating Slaves (the Proletariat). The Athenians differed from modern communist in a few ways. For example, their buildings were better built.

I've never been a huge fan of communism, but when i think about it... the idea of "Open Source" is communistic in nature... and me thinking that if they won't give it to me for free.... then i'll take it... is less communistic, but i do think that if you have it... share it if it's for the good of the people.

I'll file that for later.

For communism to work, we must find a god person who lives for put idea.

He probably meant good. But I'll take that Freudian.

Anyways, good luck to the Pirates in the Bay.

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