Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MBM, Black, Bright and Bathes.....

...seeks nomination for President.

It's not hard being a black man in America. One need only cover ones tail, shave the horns, go light on ones association with white chicks, and bathe.

Being articulate is a plus.

Delta Charlie Poli's say the oddest things.

So my wife and I are finally catching the movie "Flyboys." They're in the training phase. The flight training sequence is quaint. But that's the way it was. Homebrew technology, put in the service of war.

Comes around, goes around, I guess.

I'm beginning to look forward to Wednesdays, hump day, like never before. Two days until relaxation, core dump and extended sleep.

Funny thing, since starting my new job at SaltMineSaltCorp, inc, I've had less time to read blogs. Basically less than two hours a day, now. This is not a digg on blogs, just an observation.

It's fun having known unknowns.

I tell you, open society/source is going to kick my ass.

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